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5 Genius Small Living Room Ideas

5 Genius Small Living Room Ideas

Contact us crazy, but we would rather arrange a small space than a large one every day. There is something extraordinarily thrilling about challenging decor that really forces you to be creative. Yes, you will make mistakes along the way, but when properly decorated, small rooms can look very stylish (this small bathroom is proof). Just because there is little room for work doesn’t mean you have to compromise with taste, too. If you are looking for a small living room idea, follow these decorating tips.

1. Decide What the Room Will Be Most Used For

If you are confused about how to plan your layout, answer the simple question of interior designer Max Humphrey: What is the most used space? “Even though you might plan to have friends all the time for TV night, chances are you and your family will use it the most, so keep that in mind when designing,” Humphrey said. So, even if you like the occasional seat, a large comfortable sofa will probably be the most practical. “You can always bring one or two chairs from the dining room when you have more people.

2. Go Big with Your Sofa

So you have a small living room, but does that mean you have to compromise with the big furniture that you like? Humphrey did not think so. “I always recommend buying the absolute biggest sofa that will fit in the room, because if you are like me, chances are that you will spend most of your time relaxing. Plus, it’s not fun trying to lie down on a soft chair,” he said.

3. Size Down

Natale believes small furniture is a better bet if you want “more opportunities to include all the parts you like.” Consider what is more important to you: comfort and great style, or have more variety

4. Neutral Is Failsafe

When it comes to the idea of a small-space living room, you really can’t go wrong if you stick to neutral, natural colors. You can bring this to your furniture too. “Use furniture that looks bright or disappears, like glass or acrylic,” says Designer Trip Haenisch.

5. Be Bold

If you are all about color, you are not out of luck. Designer Jeff Andrews believes there really is a place for that in a small living room. “Go dark and go big,” he said. “I like the dark and shiny walls in a small room to create a sense of drama and intimacy.