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8 Living Room Ideas That Minimize Space

8 Living Room Ideas That Minimize Space

A stylish place to store your opportunities and goals is very important in the living room. Whether large or small, luxurious or casual, the living room is probably the most common and communal space in the house – where you entertain guests, so it should make a good impression. That means chaos is the way out. So read on for 15 smart living room storage ideas to get your property in top condition.

1. Display Firewood

The storage position of the firewood itself with the neutral color organic wood coffee table ensures that the living room complements the beautiful view ahead without stealing the spotlight. The cabinet is open for functional firewood, but keeping wood open also adds to the appeal of a comfortable home. It also creates beautiful and natural patterns that also function as art.

2. Choose a Strategic Coffee Table

From inside bookshelves to two-tiered wooden coffee tables, this family-friendly family room designed by Cameron Rupert brings out all the smart storage.

3. Opt for Double-Duty Furniture

In the living room designed by Emily Henderson, the sleek cast iron side table serves as a binder for all reading material. Furniture that serves multiple tasks like this is perfect for smaller living rooms and minimalist spaces.

4. Bring in a Basket

The easiest, most affordable way to introduce more storage space? Basket! Everything is neutral – all for blankets and throws. Designer Tasmin Johnson added one in this living room, which balances formal elements without clashing. You can also reuse old crates or use wire baskets for something slimmer.

5. Consider Built-Ins

If you have a lot of books, the built-in wardrobe will be your best friend. In this Fawn Galli-designed living room, black painted shelves and mirror accent walls above the fireplace make it feel spacious and intimate.

6. Repurpose Vintage Finds

We are exploring curated eclecticism in the Nantucket guest room Elizabeth Georgantas. The coffee table is an upcycled bar, a motif that is perfected by another bar culminating in a corner. This is a great alternative to a basket if you prefer something with a lid.

7. Get a Storage Ottoman

Latrine storage is a serious game-changer, especially in a family home. They also don’t have to compromise on appearance. There are many stylish and simple choices out there.

8. Pick a Side Table With Closed Storage

This family-friendly living room isn’t giant, so Studio DB makes sure the side table does more than just sit pretty. It has two small doors and an interior cabinet room for opportunities and purposes.